The Belle Curve defies pigeonholing but is most simply described under the broad banner of alternative rock. The band draws influence from a wide variety of sources with each member having varying tastes in music. It is this fusion of influences that comes together to form an evocative and poignant sound.

The Belle Curves music is dynamically contoured balancing the ethereal with potent energy. This experience is heightened during their live shows with the beautiful vocals, strong melodies and unpredictable arrangements drawing the listeners in and taking them on an intense and exploratory journey. Their stage presence is vibrant, their technique strong, and they offer a performance unlike any other.

Since the bands conception in late 2005 they have played alongside various artists including Kate Miller-Heidke, Black Market Rhythm Co. and The Seabellies, and have performed at venues throughout Newcastle, Sydney, and in between. In May 2007 The Belle Curve launched their debut EP want.need.lust.hunger, an independent release capturing the exquisite tension that is built during one of their live sets.

The Belle Curve is currently in the final stages of creating their second EP, a six track record to be released at the end of 2010. This release will see a lot more live shows on the horizon, as part of a long awaited east coast tour.
The Belle Curve is Trent Walsh on Piano, Amy Newton-Banks on Vocals and Acoustic Guitar, Anthony Fowler on Bass, Dave Tracy on Drums and Percussion, and Bridget Hall on Cello.